Who Invented The Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace is a modern invention consisting of device designed to mimic the same effects of a real life wood burning fire. The difference between electric fireplaces and ordinary wood burning fireplaces is that electric fireplaces do not require the use of a chimney and run on electricity as opposed to fuel. Furthermore, electric fireplaces do not actually produce a real flame but instead use an LED lighting technology or liquid flame system to create a visual representation of a real fire. This makes the electric fireplace an all-around excellent substitute to conventional wood burning fireplaces, especially in homes where the use of a wood burning fireplace is not allowed or is inconvenient in some way or another.

The origins of the electric fireplace

It is difficult to determine who invented the electric fireplace, but most sources claim that Dimplex was the first manufacturer to design and produce a commercially available electric fireplace for home use in 1995. The actual technology for producing flame like effects has been around since the early 1980s, according to multiple sources. Since then, electric fireplaces have drastically increased in popularity and new manufacturers are constantly emerging with their own styles and model designs.

Electric fireplace manufacturers

While the original electric fireplace manufacturer may have been Dimplex, there is no reason to assume they are the only option available for those interested in purchasing electric fireplaces. There are numerous other electric fireplace manufacturers available offering their own unique fireplace designs as well as electric fireplace log inserts. All that is needed is a simple perusal through a web site devoted to the selling of various electric fireplaces and you will quickly see that there are multiple options in fireplace design. The most commonly referenced manufacturers of electric fireplaces include:

  • Dimplex
  • ClassicFlame
  • Duraflame
  • ChimneyFree
  • Burley
  • Celsi
  • ComfortSmart

There are other electric fireplace manufacturers out there as well, so it is advisable to spend as much time as is necessary to develop a thorough view of the available options. This is important because it allows you to find an electric fireplace available at a price that you are comfortable with. While an electric fireplace is affordable, some models can be quite expensive. It is normal to pay up to 1000 CAD for a regular electric fireplace model, but there are some designs that cost as much as 3000 CAD.

Types of electric fireplace designs

There are few limitations when it comes to electric fireplace models. While wood burning fireplaces are limited to the area where the chimney is located, an electric fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere. You can install various plug in electric fireplaces and wall mounted electric fireplaces in the living room area or bedroom area of your home, and there are numerous fireplace/mantel designs that mimic the traditional ornate wood or brick design of wood burning fireplaces. With the broad variety of electric fireplace designs that have been developed over the years since the invention of the original electric fireplace design, customers are treated to an ever-expanding list of fireplace designs to purchase for home use.

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