White Electric Fireplace

A white electric fireplace is an excellent choice for any space. Electric fireplaces can be ran all year. During warm weather, you can still enjoy the ambiance of a glowing flame without operating the heating device. And when the weather starts to get cold, you can enjoy enough heat to warm a 40 square-metre room. Like any other electric fireplace, a white electric fireplace does not require a venting system; therefore, you are free to put the unit anywhere you please, such as a den or a basement.

The Benefits of White Electric Fireplaces

Users enjoy their white electric fireplace devices because they provide warmth like a masonry fireplace yet offer more benefits than their traditional counterpart. White electric fireplace units provide a flame with and without heat. Even when the heat is on, the surface stays cool. There is barely any installation involved and these units are completely portable. In addition, the look and speed of the flame is fully controllable and the maintenance and operating costs are minimal.

Styles of White Electric Fireplaces

There are tons of white electric fireplace styles that range from classic and beautiful to sleek and modern. These units are able to simulate the functions of a wood-burning, natural-gas or coal fireplace and are an wonderful substitute for a masonry fireplace. Plus, the fire technology implemented in electric fireplaces mimic the natural beauty of real fire while providing the portability and convenience of typical household appliances. If you purchase a white electric fireplace, you will not be limited as to the choices of placement; the only requirement is that the fireplace must be within reach of a standard electrical outlet.

As stated earlier, there are two basic styles of white electric fireplace units: traditional and modern. Traditional white fireplaces utilize certain materials in order to enhance the fireplaces' style. By simulating the look of coal or wood when it is burning, the electric fireplace is able to provide warmth and comfort to any room. Most manufacturers also build inserts and free-standing models that allow people to customize their fireplace.

There are also modern white fireplaces. These fireplaces can be distinguished by their unique shapes and angular lines that add a contemporary feel to the space. In order to fit modern-decor schemes, these fireplaces may feature glass beads instead of log sets and changing fire colours such as red, blue and pink.

Safety and Convenience Aspects of White Electric Fireplaces

Although the flame technology and quality craftsmanship are enough to make a white electric fireplace a great buy, this type of unit also has numerous safety and convenience features. Some of these features include wall thermostats and remote controls, adjustable flame strength and heat, off and on timers, cool-touch glass doors and overheating protection. Homeowners who are interested in customizing their fireplace can choose from mantles made from hardwood, stone or metal. The firebox that is surrounded by the white fireplace comes in trim options of cast iron, chrome, brass, steel, black and of course, white.

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