What is an Electric Fireplace Used For

The electric fireplace is used primarily as an alternative to regular wood burning fires, particularly in situations where the use of a regular fireplace wood be inconvenient or where it is difficult to install a chimney. There are numerous advantages to using an electric fireplace, the most notable of which is the ability to use one without having to worry about adequate ventilation. Electric fireplaces do not produce carbon monoxide, ashes, or other byproducts of burning wood, so you can feel comfortable to use them to supplement your home heating system in any room and at any time of day.

How the electric fireplace works

Electric fireplaces rely on a simple electric heating system that is similar to the type used with regular electric heaters. At the same time, they have a built in LED lighting system that works to create a vivid representation of real flames. While the flames are not real, they look quite similar and can help to establish that feeling of intimacy and comfort associated with living room fireplaces in winter. Electric fireplaces do not require the use of a chimney and are instead plugged into a wall socket via cable. Additionally, the heat that is produced by electric fireplaces is much safer for the environment.

Where an electric fireplace can be purchased from

It is quite easy to find numerous electric fireplace models available for purchase these days. They are typically found at home & garden stores like Home Depot, but can also be found at stores catering exclusively to online electric fireplace purchases. Before you do purchase an electric fireplace model, it is important to understand which designs are available and then decide which one would be most suitable for your home space.

  • Electric fireplaces built into ready-made mantels are particularly popular in homes where a conventional interior design is appreciated. You can find various wooden mantel finishes as well as brick mantel designs. For homeowners who prefer more contemporary design themes, it is also possible to find glass or metallic fireplace mantel designs.
  • Wall mounted electric fireplace designs can be built into any area of the wall, so there is a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing an area to install your fireplace in. Wall mounted designs can be easily installed by a professional.
  • Electric fireplace log inserts are great if you already have a gas or wood burning fireplace but would like to convert it into an electric one. These "logs" produce heat along with a flame like effect remarkably similar to regular fires.

Electric fireplace price

There is usually a considerable amount of variation when it comes to electric fireplace price. Most people choose to purchase electric fireplaces sold in the range of 500-1000 CAD, but there are plenty of electric fireplaces sold at higher prices as well. These more expensive models are typically outfitted with luxurious designs, high quality expensive materials, and various controls for flame effects and sound effects. On the other hand, there are also several cheaper electric fireplace models sold below 500 CAD.

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