Warning When Using an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have become popular alternatives to wood burning fireplaces as well as gas fireplaces. One of the major advantages to electric fireplaces is that they are relatively safe and efficient, but that does not mean that there are not any safety concerns to keep in mind. A good electric fireplace model will not present you with many problems, but there is still a minimal risk of fire and material damage that it is recommended to safeguard against. Learning more about any risks associated with the use of electric fireplaces will help you to take important safety measures.

Electric fireplace certification

You should make sure that any electric fireplace you purchase is certified by a nationally recognized laboratory. If you purchase an electric fireplace that is no certified, you run the risk of dealing with an unstable or potentially dysfunctional device. One way to make sure that the electric fireplace you purchase is fully certified would be to purchase only from major electric fireplaces which are reliable and are known to be trusted by many other people.

Pay attention to the placement of your electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces to carry a minimal risk of fire as well as overheating, so it is important to ensure that you arrange your electric fireplace in an area where there is little possibility for exposure to flammable materials. This means that you should not install your electric fireplaces on or near carpets and rugs. Make sure that curtains are kept at a safe distance from your electric fireplace and also do not throw any flammable materials or any other objects over the surface of the electric fireplace.

Other concerns with an electric fireplace

It is also helpful to ensure that the electric fireplace you are planning to purchase is equipped with an auto-off mechanism that will activate if the fireplace turns over. Most modern electric fireplace manufacturers are obligated to have a system like this built into their electric fireplace designs. Additionally, you should check to see whether or not your electric fireplace is designed with safety heating coils.

Make sure to turn your electric fireplace off when it is not in use. While electric fireplaces do not produce carbon dioxide or any other harmful chemicals, they sometimes have a tendency to overheat. To avoid the risk of any accidents occurring, it is best to use your electric fireplace only when you are awake and in the immediate area where the fireplace is being used.

Key pointers for electric fireplace safety:

  • Check to ensure that the electric fireplace is certified.
  • Purchase only from major manufacturers known to be reliable and with a good track record of satisfied customers with few complaints.
  • Install your electric fireplace in an area far away from any flammable objects and materials like curtains, rugs, carpets, and cushions.
  • Always pay close attention to the instructional manual provided along with the purchase of your electric fireplace. You will find plenty of safety pointers specific to your electric fireplace model within the contents of the instructional manual.

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