Types Of Electric Fireplaces

There are a broad range of different electric fireplace types that are available for sale. Those who are searching for new electric fireplaces can start by considering the different designs offered by each of the major electric fireplace manufacturers. Good electric fireplaces will function effectively for a very long time without undergoing any difficulties, so it might be a good idea to invest extra money in a higher-end electric fireplace model. Before you do so, however, it can be helpful to learn a little more about the different types of electric fireplaces.

Wall mounted electric fireplace

While regular fireplaces make use of a large chimney section and tend to be built into the wall, a wall mounted electric fireplace is instead mounted against the wall. These fireplaces are fairly easy to install and several bolts or screws often suffice to fit this fixture against your wall space. A major advantage to wall mounted electric fireplaces is that you can install them in any particular wall area, whether you want your fireplace to be closer to ground level or several feet higher.

Electric fireplace with mantel

When most people think about a fireplace, the wall mantel is a part of the fireplace that comes along with the associative mental image. Fireplaces seem to look a lot more attractive when they have a built in decorative mantel made from ornate wood. Modern electric fireplace manufacturers have designed various e-fireplace models that are built with a ready made mantel. These fireplaces are portable in nature and can easily be moved from one location to another, where they can be placed against the wall appearing as if they were actually built into the wall itself.

Electric fireplace inserts

If you own a gas or wood burning fireplace but would rather make use of electricity for your heating, you might want to try looking into electric fireplace log inserts. Electric log inserts are large and have the appearance of actual wooden logs. Instead, they feature in built heating systems and LED lighting capable of producing some amazing flame effects. They can be easily installed in any ordinary gas or wood burning fireplace, and tend to be cheaper than full-on electric fireplace models.

Electric fireplace stoves

These electric fireplaces look largely similar to regular fireplace stoves with a freestanding leg design. They can be used just about anywhere and blend well into various interior design themes. The difference between these stoves and regular fire stoves is that electric stoves do not produce any carbon monoxide or ash, making them suitable for many different environments where ventilation is not sufficient to handle a real fire.

TV console electric fireplaces

These designs are small and fit neatly into large cabinets designed for TV placement. There is typically plenty of extra space in the cabinet to store DVDs and BluRays, along with additional space for the placement of the TV and media system. The firebox itself tends to have a 120v system with various flame effects and LED lighting technology, making it a simple electric fireplace for easy home use.

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