Two-Sided Electric Fireplace

The idea of heating a home with a fireplace is a very old concept. This concept was put into regular practice in the Victorian era. In those days, people considered the fireplace to not only act as a device to generate heat but also to add the home with a touch of class, comfort and style. However, for many centuries, the fireplaces operated on coal or wood. With time, manufacturers created new methods of design that included sand casting, which allowed for intricate, impressive looks. But it was not until the late 1900s that fireplace builders started utilizing electricity in their designs.

Electricity and the Modern Fireplace

Most people agree that the appearance and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace is unparalleled. Thankfully, today's technology has allowed manufacturers to recreate these sensations by using the convenience of electricity. Models of electric fireplaces widely vary from wall-mounted units to media consoles. One of the newer variations on the market is the two sided electric fireplace. The two-sided electric fireplace is quickly becoming a popular design option for rooms where these units can be integrated. In comparison to the wood-burning fireplaces of yesteryear, the two sided electric fireplace is more technologically advanced and emits less harmful pollutants.

What You Can Expect From Two Sided Fireplaces

Everything you want in a fireplace can be had from a two sided electric fireplace: affordability, comfort, energy efficiency, safety and warmth. And because these units operate on only electricity, they improve the air quality inside of the home. This type of fireplace usually sits inside the corner of a wall. Since two sides are exposed, these fireplaces are able to provide more warmth than standard flat-wall models. Another benefit of electricity-reliant fireplaces is that they reduce the overall heating bills in a home. Do keep in mind that because these units have two exposed sides, the cost of operation will be slightly higher as opposed to flat-wall fireplaces.

An Excellent Contemporary Look

It is an indisputable fact that the design of a two sided electric fireplace is nothing but contemporary. Those who wish to create a classic look in a room may not like the appearance of these models; however, they are ideal for upscale, unique spaces. Regardless of whether you want to heat two rooms at the same time or you simply wish to be able to view the fireplace from two different sides, the two sided electric fireplace is the right choice.

Shopping Points

There are many various two sided electric fireplace models from which to choose. While many of them share similar qualities, the price points will depend on the brand and model. Therefore, your budget will be the main determining factor when choosing a two-sided fireplace. You should keep a few points in mind when comparison shopping such as the size of the unit. When it comes to fireplaces in general, sizes matter a lot. Two sided electric fireplaces come in a wide range of sizes from small to large so choose according to your heating and home requirements.

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