Twinstar Electric Fireplace

Twinstar International was founded in 1996. Ever since then, this company has become well-known for building quality home furnishings that incorporate classic designs with attention and care. The in-house engineers and designers of Twinstar have studied the furniture of yesteryear while keeping abreast of the latest trend in worldwide home decor in order to offer the public a diverse line of products. Only the highest quality finishes, wood and materials are utilized in Twinstar electric fireplace units, which are sold under the brand name of ClassicFlame. Today, Twinstar operates out of Delray Beach, Florida, United States. They also have a Chinese headquarters in the country's southern region that is located near their manufacturing facilities.

Where You Can Buy a Twinstar Electric Fireplace

Although Twinstar electric fireplace units are available on the Internet through private sellers and online vendors, Canadian residents can also shop in person at one of the approximately 100 retail locations in the nation that carry Twinstar fireplaces. Some of these retailers include as Furniture Gallery, Countrywide stores and Lazyboy. So no matter how you prefer to shop, rest assured you can shop in a way that is convenient for you.

The Many Options of Twinstar Electric Fireplace Units

When it comes to options, Twinstar had not skimped on quantity. Customers can choose from among flat-wall units, corner units, wall-hanging fireplaces, home entertainment centres, multi-functioning units, roll-away units, dual mantles and electric inserts.

One of Twinstar's most impressive designs is the multi-functioning Baxter model. The Baxter Twinstar electric fireplace comes equipped with an open shelf to hold media components as well as a combination media/wine mantle. In a handsome cherry finish, the Baxter showcases right and left locking doors that have brushed nickel pull knobs and smoked glass. Behind the right door, there is a thermoelectric wine cooler with a maximum 18-bottle capacity and behind the right door, there is an adjustable shelf and stemware rack. The fire box in this Twinstar electric fireplace rests in the bottom centre of the unit and is controlled via a remote. This is quite a remarkable piece.

There are also Twinstar electric fireplace units that come in a dual-mantle design. These fireplaces are built to fit in either a corner or against a flat wall for greater flexibility. Currently, there are a total of nine dual-mantle electric fireplaces; three of them are 18 inches wide and six of them are 23 inches wide. These models are available in a respectable array of colours and finishes such as oak, cherry and white. Most of these Twinstar electric fireplace models feature enhancing features like crown molding, raised pilasters, raised panelling, faux slate surrounds, Gadroon carved molding and classic Federal columns. These models are certainly meant to impress.

Flat-wall Twinstar electric fireplaces feature a huge variety of details. Some come in a faux marble finish with swag and rosettes on the panels and fluted pilasters on the sides, like the Gossamer model. Other models mimic the appearance of stacked stone and thick, oak mantles, such as the Grand Canyon.

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