Three Sided Electric Fireplace

Three sided electric fireplace units, or peninsula fireplaces, are unique because these fireplaces fit into the end corner of a wall, which gives people a triple view of the fire inside of the box. In terms of the way a three sided electric fireplace works, there is no difference between it and a flat-wall, corner-style or wall-mounted electric fireplace. However, the three sided electric fireplace must be installed inside of a "floating" wall that does not connect to another wall. A triple-view fireplace is excellent for rooms that are space challenged or for spaces that are modern in design. There are many colours and styles from which to choose regardless of what look you are trying to achieve.

Variations and Similar Models of the Three Sided Electric Fireplace

For an eclectic look, the three sided electric fireplace can be altered in order to fit into the wall in a diagonal direction. Besides the triple-view models, there are also variations that fit into a free-end corner. There are even island fireplaces that can be viewed from all four sides. Bay fireplaces are similar to peninsula fireplaces because they both have three viewable sides. However, the glass on a bay peninsula is bigger in the front than it is on the two sides and the shape is that of a bay window, not a rectangular box.

The Added Expense of Construction

Keep in mind that since three sided electric fireplaces must be installed inside of the wall, they are not portable like other electric fireplaces; therefore, wherever you decide to put the unit, it will have to stay there. This also means that there will be the added expense of construction involved. Even so, the breathtaking, dramatic effect that a triple-view fireplace provides is unmatched by any other variation available on today's market.

Zone Heating Benefits

No matter what brand, model or style of electric fireplace you decide to buy, every unit is designed to plug into an electrical outlet for convenient and cheap zone heating. With a three-sided electric fireplace, you can stay warm and comfortable all year round. These units generate a surprising amount of heat and only cost several cents per hour to operate. Although they do provide a lot of warmth, three-sided fireplaces are not meant to replace existing central heating systems. And remember, in the event of a power outage, an electric fireplace will not work.

Cleaning and Maintenance Advantages

The unique appearance of three sided electric fireplace units is what makes them a popular choice among discerning consumers. With one of these units, you can enjoy a roaring fire without cleaning up ashes or breathing in smoke. Any brand or model of triple-view fireplace will look fantastic no matter where you decide to install it. And you will love the way your new fireplace provides a relaxing area to visit with friends and family or sit down with a good book after a hard day at work. Now that prices are continuing to drop, these units are sure to become more commonplace in Canadian homes.

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