Sylvania Electric Fireplace

In January of 1993, Sylvania was acquired by OSRAM GmbH to create the current company: OSRAM Sylvania. This company has a strong reputation for manufacturing and distributing quality lighting and electronic products throughout the North American region.

The Sylvania Electric Fireplace

Every Sylvania electric fireplace model can produce anywhere from 1,250-1,500 watts that are controlled by a thermostat. The user can turn the heating unit on or off according to the weather, which allows them to enjoy the ambiance of a fire without the warmth. This option is great for the warm-weather months. While the BTU output varies by model, the general range goes from 3,850-5,000 BTUs. This power generates enough heat to heat the average-sized family room or office space.

All lines of Sylvania fireplace units are known for their whisper-quiet fans and high heat output. Although these units mimic the look and feel of traditional fireplaces, they act in the same manner as space heater. High-end Sylvania fireplaces allow users to adjust both the heat output and flame effect for customizable convenience.

The flame controls and heater are easy to use. Each Sylvania fireplace has an adjustable thermostat that lets the user set an automatic on-and-off temperature, much like a central heating system. These units also come equipped with a flame intensity switch, or a dimmer switch. This switch let the user customize the intensity and height of the flame without effecting how much heat is generated. A deluxe Sylvania electric fireplace will also have a high/low switch that controls the heat output.

These electric fireplaces simulate flames by utilizing a 40-watt candelabra light bulb. This light bulb fits into a small, E12-size candelabra socket base. This means the light bulb is easy to replace when it goes out. However, changing the bulb will require the use of a screwdriver. In order to keep a Sylvania electric fireplace looking its best, the homeowner will need to clean the unit periodically with a damp cloth sans household cleaners. Using chemical cleaners will weaken, and eventually ruin, the finish on the unit.

Sylvania Electric Fireplace Models

The 99978C Sylvania electric fireplace comes in either a white or cherry finish and a flat-wall or corner design. This unit is thermostat controlled with a 1,500-watt high/750-watt low heat setting. The flickering flames are adjustable and work independently from the heating devices. Thanks to its fan forced heat, the 99978C can heat a 40 square-metre room.

The 99993 Sylvania electric fireplace comes in only a black finish, creating a modern look. This wall-mounted unit also has a high/low heat setting that features the same wattage as the 99978C model. This lightweight electric fireplace has a forced fan, plugs into any standard electrical outlet and offers realistic flames that work separately from the heating device.

Finally, the 99454 Sylvania electric fireplace has a dark chocolate wood finish in a television entertainment centre design. This fireplace cabinet offers all of the features one would expect from a Sylvania fireplace and its sturdy design can hold a large, flat-screen television.

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