Stone Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces have a reputation for being showpieces in any room they inhabit. People enjoy sitting around the fire with their friends and family while talking and relaxing. However, not every home comes with a standard masonry fireplace and the cost of building one from the ground up is too expensive for the average homeowner. And if one is renting a home, they are not even afforded this option. It can cost at least a few thousand dollars for the price of stone-mason labour, materials, constructing the fire box and grounding the weight of the chimney. Thankfully, electrical appliance manufacturers have met this consumer need with stone electric fireplace units. Those who feel like being creative can purchase an electric fire box and build a stone structure around the box for a customized look.

Installing a Stone Electric Fireplace

If you plan on using stone veneers, you will find the installation process to be relatively simple. Thanks to their low weight, which is a one-fourth less than stone blocks, there is a reduced in cost for labour, shipping and reinforcement. Stone suppliers make veneers in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of tastes, all of which give a stone electric fireplace a natural appearance. And there is no need to worry about the safety of stone veneers. This material is non-combustible, making it suitable for constructing a stone electric fireplace.

When building your own stone electric fireplace, you can build a manufactured stone wall with only a couple of tools. Standard hand tools and a circular saw are must-haves for working with stone. While it is recommended to wear safety goggles while working, the diamond-edge blades of the circular saw produce minimal flying dust. This means the project will take less time and create less of a mess as opposed to working with natural stone. If you so choose, you can cover a brick wall with this material in order to change an eyesore into an amazing stone electric fireplace.

Types of Stones

There are many different kinds of stones you can use to make a stone electric fireplace. Stream stone, brick, ledge stone, field stone and limestone are all nice choices. Some people even blend a combination of stones to add a special touch to their project. You can also use stones to create accents on surrounding wall areas or to make low panels.

Searching for a Stone Vendor

When you are shopping around for the right stones to build your stone electric fireplace, you need to make sure the vendor provides excellent service, support and warranties on their products. The average warranty period offered by reputable companies is 50 years for stone veneer and even longer for the labour of professional installation. If the stones are quality made, the vendor should have no problem backing their product. So if you are ready to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a stone electric fireplace, think about making one of your own. This dramatic structural design will instantly become a conversation starter.

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