Napoleon Electric Fireplace

In 1976, Wolfgang Schroeter launched a steel fabrication business in Barrie, Ontario called Wolf Steel. Over 30 years later, this small business would turn into a huge corporation that produced products such as gourmet grills and Napoleon electric fireplace units. Today, all Napoleon electric fireplace units are built with quality in mind from a company that values reliable customer service and responsible corporate growth.

The Growth of the Napoleon Brand

In the 1970s, the very first wood stove was produced on the company's production lines. Steel was committed from the get-go to make distinctive, effective products. The original stove model showcased two-doors and cast iron material. Once the 1980s came, the Napoleon brand was officially "born." The first product to be manufactured under the Napoleon name was a model that featured one glass door and Pyroceram ceramic glass that withstood high temperatures, which was an industry first. Throughout the rest of the decade, consumer demand expanded in other regions of Canada as well as the United States.

Now, the Napoleon brand caters to customers who have discriminating tastes. Throughout the history of this company, the Napoleon brand has released innovative, interesting technologies such as realistic natural gas-powered fireplaces, wood-burning products and some of the most advanced electric fireplaces to date. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, impressive designs and engineering, outstanding product quality, superior warranties and excellent customer service, Napoleon has set itself a cut above the competition.

Although Napoleon started out in a single, 92 square-metre warehouse, it has grown into 46,000 square-metre manufacturing centre that employs over 400 people. As far as North American is concerned, Napoleon is the biggest manufacturing of high-quality fireplaces, stoves and inserts as well as charcoal and gourmet grills, waterfalls and outdoor living products. And when it comes to Napoleon electric fireplace units, there are many options. One of the more popular models is the Casaloma.

The Casaloma Napoleon Electric Fireplace Model

The Casaloma Napoleon electric fireplace model recreates the appearance of a masonry fireplace that combines the ambiance of traditional fireplaces with the sheer convenience of electric units. This fireplace is easy to use and can be quickly turned on by plugging the cord into an electrical outlet and pressing a button. Every Casaloma that comes off of the assembly line is integrated with Flamation technology. This technology provides precise control over the flame's appearance, speed and heat output in order to simulate a real wood-burning fire.

In addition to Flamation, the Casaloma Napoleon electric fireplace also uses Phazer logs. These fire logs look identical to wood logs. Other features of the Casaloma include flush glass fronts for easy, safe viewing. Consumers have two choices when it comes to the Casaloma: a single unit or cabinet package. Both of these selections are available in corner-style and flat-wall designs. All in all, the Casaloma Napoleon electric fireplace is safe and convenient to use anywhere inside of the home no matter if the owner lives in a single-family home, condominium or apartment. This model is also great for businesses and hotels.

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