History Of The Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace is a relatively modern invention, with the first electric fireplace claimed to have been produced by Dimplex in 1995. Since then, electric fireplaces have become more and more popular, and there are a broad range of households throughout Canada that take advantage of these simple heating devices. The electric fireplace can easily be seen as an attractive heating alternative to regular wood burning fires or electric heaters, because it is similar to a fire yet at the same time does not produce any byproducts such as ash or carbon monoxide.

Different electric fireplace designs

The electric fireplace was originally designed to provide homeowners with an alternative to a regular fireplace in situations where burning wood was inconvenient or illegal according to established building codes. There are a lot of advantages to having an electric fireplace installed in your home, and the main one is that you do not need a chimney to use one. You simply have to plug the electric fireplace cable into the nearest wall outlet and choose your desired heat output setting. It is also possible to modify the flame effect produced as well as the sound of crackling logs in many cases. Electric fireplace designs commonly seen in Canadian homes include:

  • Wall mounted electric fireplaces
  • Built in electric fireplaces
  • Plug in electric fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces with mantel pieces
  • Electric fireplace log inserts

Picking the right electric fireplace

Selecting the most appropriate electric fireplace is typically a matter of preference in style. Most electric fireplaces can be installed easily within the interior of your home, so chances are that you will be mostly concerned with the overall visual appearance of the fireplace itself. Other factors that might concern you include the total heat output of the electric fireplace in question and also the different flame effects that are available. Major manufacturers of electric fireplaces include Dimplex, DuraFlame, ClassicFlame, Chimney Free, Celsi, Burley, and ComfortSmart.

How much an electric fireplace costs

It is only natural to be concerned with how much an electric fireplace would end up costing. Price ranges tend to vary between 500 and 3000 CAD, so you will typically have a broad range of prices. This provides you with a reasonable amount of freedom to select an electric fireplace being sold at a price that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that the fancier the electric fireplace design, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Where to buy an electric fireplace

It is quite easy to purchase an electric fireplace as there are numerous online distributors selling e-fireplace models from all the major manufacturers. You can also find electric fireplace designs down at regular home and garden stores such as Home Depot. In general, you will find that the electric fireplace is rapidly gaining in popularity as a suitable alternative to wood burning fireplaces, so you are unlikely to encounter much difficulty finding an attractive one for yourself. Each fireplace manufacturer also has their own unique style of fireplaces, so you might want to choose purchasing from manufacturers directly.

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