Function Of Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplace is a heating device designed to mimic the visual aspects of a regular wood burning fireplace for home use. You can find a broad range of different electric fireplace designs in homes throughout Canada, and they are typically sold at various home & garden stores throughout the country. The function of electric fireplaces is fairly straightforward, with a simple electric heating system used in combination with an LED flame effect sequence to create a representation of a wood burning fire while at the same time providing the immediate area with warmth. In essence, the function of an electric fireplace is to provide heating while promoting the comfortable ambiance associated with traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Different kinds of electric fireplace designs

A quick look at any store that sells electric fireplaces will reveal to you that there are numerous designs available for home use. The most commonly used electric fireplace design is built into a cabinet or mantel stand and comes equipped with a variety of flame effects as well as sound control to simulate crackling logs. Other popular electric fireplace models include the wall mounted version, which is basically just built into any wall, and the plug in electric fireplace, which can be built into a separate cabinet at your convenience.

Electric fireplace log inserts

Another type of electric fireplace design that is excellent for homes that already have gas or wood burning fireplaces is the electric fireplace log insert. With electric log inserts you can convert your current fireplace into an electric one simply by placing these log inserts into your fireplace arranged as wooden logs. These logs feature a unique LED lighting system and built in heating, making them look and feel a lot like regular wooden logs crackling and burning within the interior of a regular fireplace.

Deciding on an electric fireplace

For those who have never purchased electric fireplaces before, it can at times be difficult to reach a decision regarding which model should be purchased. While there are numerous styles including ornate wooden mantel finishes and glass electric fireplace designs, there are actually only a few major manufacturers. These include Duraflame, Dimplex, Celsi, ClassicFlame, ComfortSmart, ChimneyFree, and Burley. A quick look through the various electric fireplace designs offered by each of these manufacturers should be enough to help you find the one specific design that appeals to your personal tastes and preferences.

Key factors to consider before buying an electric fireplace

  • Remember to pick a style that you are comfortable with and that matches the overall interior decor you have chosen for your home space. Many homeowners find that the electric fireplace/mantel design works quite well, because it is simple to install and works well to establish that old-fashioned interior design ambiance.
  • Use your electric fireplace to supplement your heating, not replace it. Electric fireplaces do not produce enough heat to keep the entire household warm. At best they are typically only capable of heating medium sized rooms and living rooms, so remember to use other forms of heating in combination with your electric fireplace.
  • Take your time to find an electric fireplace sold at a price you can afford. Some electric fireplaces can be sold at very high prices, but it is still possible to get a fully functional electric fireplace for less. Take your time and considerable multiple options.

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