Free Standing Electric Fireplace

Free standing electric fireplace units are superior compared to gas-powered and wood-burning fireplaces because free standing electric fireplace units do not require a ventilation system. This means the users will not need a chimney in their home and there are no dangerous vapours or smoke produced. Free standing electric fireplaces units can be found at chain home improvement stores, private retailers, manufacturer's websites and online marketplaces. Thankfully, electric fireplaces are available at many different price points so anyone can afford to buy a unit, especially in the case of little-known brands. With all of the different models, brands and looks, electric fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any house or office.

Easy to Use

Another feature that draws people to free standing electric fireplace units is the ability to operate them via a standard electrical outlet. This means contractors and chimney/wall construction is unnecessary. There is also no need to hire an electrician to hardwired the home because these units draw power from regular electric currents. On a similar note, the gas company will not need to run a gas line. Because there is no home construction involved, you do not have to go through the hassle of obtaining a permit and you can move the unit from room to room whenever you like.

Realistic, Quality Materials

Today's electric fireplaces come in huge selection of colours, finishes and materials to fit all sorts of decor schemes. Stone and wood are two typical material choices for free standing electric fireplace units, both of which create a classic, realistic look. Of course, the types of materials used for the fireplace will dictate the features and price point of the unit. A lot of electric fireplaces have a switch that allows the user to control the heat and even turn it off. This feature allows people to enjoy a simulated flame without producing heat, making these units enjoyable even during the summer. While most units come equipped with a sound device that replicates the noises of a crackling fire, this feature can also be turned on and off. Remotes are becoming a standard control device for these fireplaces.

Cool Surfaces

Regardless of where it is put, a free standing electric fireplace will instantly become the room's focal point. And thanks to the numerous safety features that are included in a free standing electric fireplace, there is no need to worry about being burned by the glass doors or surround. The surface always stays cool when touched.

Less Mess

The benefit that people appreciate the most is the lack of mess involved in using a free standing electric fireplace. No more locating, chopping, splitting and hauling firewood. No more scattered wood chips around the fireplace and on the floor. No more stepping out into cold weather to gather the firewood. And no more cleaning out the fireplace to clear it of ashes and soot. Because a free standing electric fireplace is an electric-powered device, it simply plugs into an outlet and produces heat within minutes.

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