Features Of an Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace is a device designed to bring the experience of a wood burning fire into just about any home environment. If you live in an apartment building where it is impossible to install a chimney, you can still have an electric fireplace installed in your home and enjoy a similar experience. Electric fireplaces are becoming very popular throughout the world, and there are numerous styles and model designs currently available for purchase. With an electric fireplace, you can provide your home with a reasonable amount of heating while helping to establish a cozy atmosphere.

Key electric fireplace features

  • Electric fireplaces tend to have a glass panel through which you can see the flame effects interacting. This panel is important to the design of the fireplace because it provides a protective covering while enabling you to see the artificial flames.
  • Dimplex and ClassicFlame both design fireplace models that include built in mantel packages. These fireplaces are designed to look similar to old fashioned ornate fireplaces and characteristically have wooden finishes. You can find plenty of attractive wood finishes for these fireplace models, ranging from oak to cherry and many others.
  • Electric fireplaces are equipped with an electric cable that must be plugged into a wall socket. You may find it necessary to devise a method to keep your cable hidden.
  • Electric fireplaces not only produce a realistic flame effect, but they also produce a significant amount of heat. The heat produced by an electric fireplace is measured in BTUs, so make sure to check the specifications of your electric fireplace. Large rooms will require higher BTUs, and in general electric fireplaces do not produce enough heat for an entire household, so additional heating will be required.
  • There are different electric fireplace design models, so homeowners will find a lot of variation. Electric fireplace designs include wall mounted electric fireplaces, built in electric fireplaces, TV console electric fireplaces, mantel electric fireplaces, and freestanding fireplace stoves.

Buying an electric fireplace

A good place to start if you are interested in purchasing an electric fireplace is with regular home & garden stores. If you are picky and want a much larger selection, you might want to bring your search to popular online fireplace retailers. A broader selection means that you will have a lot more flexibility to choose an electric fireplace available at a price that you are more comfortable with paying. It is important to note that electric fireplaces can be quite expensive, with some costing as much as 3000 CAD.

Deciding on a manufacturer

While Dimplex is widely regarded to be the original manufacturer of electric fireplaces, there are other good manufacturers to purchase from as well. ClassicFlame offers a range of conventional type electric fireplaces, while some of the other manufacturers like Duraflame tend to have a more contemporary approach. A good way to shop for electric fireplaces is to consider several different manufacturers by observing the various electric fireplace models they are currently selling. This will help you to get a broader picture of your options and narrow things down to the final best electric fireplace.

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