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It is undeniable that electric fireplaces are enjoyed by many. However, the ash, smoke and effort that comes along with wood-burning fireplace ownership is off-putting to many people. If your home is equipped with a masonry fireplace, do not feel you are stuck with burning wood. You can purchase inserts for electric fireplaces that will turn a old masonry fireplace into a new, convenient heating unit. These inserts are also great to use if your chimney is not operational or if you simply wish to change the look of your existing fireplace. All you need to do is put the insert into the hearth and plug it into an outlet.


In terms of heating a room, inserts for electric fireplaces are a lot more efficient than a typical wood-burning fireplaces. Studies show that 90 percent of the heat generated from a masonry fireplace is released up the chimney and through the brick work. Because the heat that reaches the room comes from the fireplace's front, there are many pockets of cold air throughout the space.

However, electric fireplace units come equipped with blower fans that effectively distribute hot air in a room. This feature makes electric fireplaces more clean and convenient without the hassle of cleaning ashes or gathering firewood. After you have determined what size insert you need, you will find that installing it is easy. The inserts slides into the unit and the electrical cord plugs into the nearest wall outlet.

Typical Characteristics

With the right electric fireplace insert, you can change the entire look of a room and breathe life back into a dusty, old fireplace. Inserts for electric fireplaces are available in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brass, silver, gold, black and white. There are various sizes to ensure the right fit.

The flickering flames that were once only achieved by burning wood are now available in all electric fireplaces. Most of the current models on the market are equipped with faux flames that cannot be distinguished from real flames; these models also include sound effects to complete the experience. The flames can be enjoyed whether or not the heater is running. All of these features combined are why consumers prefer the electric fireplace over other options.

Heating Power

As stated above, some people choose to buy electric fireplaces because they do not have the money or time to fix an inoperable chimney. An electric insert does not create any smoke; therefore, the chimney does not need to be in working order. And since the insert is simply placed inside of the hearth, the fireplace's structure will not need to be altered. As a general rule, electric fireplaces can heat rooms up to 40 square metres in size. These units only cost $0.07 CAD per hour on average to use and homeowners will not need a gas line or ventilation system. So if you are looking for an effective way to enjoy heat while only cosmetically changing the appearance of a room, an electric fireplace is the way to go.

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