Electric Fireplace With TV Stand

If you are like many other homeowners in Canada, you are looking for a certain piece that will enhance your living space. However, when it comes to decorating, the options are endless. Two of the most common choices are big televisions in a media centre and relaxing fireplaces. Thankfully, you do not have to choose one over the other or try to fit both into one room. You can get the entertainment of a media centre and the relaxation of a fireplace from a single unit: the electric fireplace with TV stand.

The Inner-Workings of an Electric Fireplace With TV Stand

The best feature of a TV stand fireplace is that it runs solely on electricity. These units create an extremely realistic fire complete with flames and embers, all without the mess and hassle of wood-burning fires. Because the electric fireplace with TV stand operates on electricity, it is safe to pair with expensive electronics like televisions and DVDs. Even better, you can enjoy zone heating while watching your favourite programmes. All you need to do is plug the unit into an electrical outlet and within minutes, the fireplace will put out up to 4,700 BTUs an hour.

If you have electrical-wiring know-how, or you are willing to pay a professional, an electric fireplace with TV stand can be wired into the house's existing wiring system; this will boost the unit's heat output. Another advantage to the television centre/fireplace combination is its ability to lower utility bills thanks to its zone-heating function. And although these units produce a bunch of heat, they are not considered to be a burn risk. Therefore, they will not injure people or animals who may accidentally come into contact with its surface.

Controlling Via a Remote

The electric fireplace with TV stand gives you complete control over the temperature in a room regardless of the outdoor weather. Because virtually all electric fireplaces are operated by a remote, the user can start and stop the fire or choose to turn on and off the heating device with a simple click of a button. Consumers who already own an electric fireplace with TV stand praise the life-like fire simulations and the realistic noises.

Electric Fireplace With TV Stand Choices

In terms of design and style choices for these special entertainment centres, there are many options, ranging from contemporary stones to traditional woods. Some manufacturers even allow customers to choose from a selection of media components and adjustable shelves in order to customize the look of their electric fireplace with TV stand. Whether you prefer to showcase all of the unit's functions or wish to conceal them at your discretion, the choice is yours.

Keep in mind that electric fireplaces with TV stands are not meant to be fixed or wall mounted. Therefore, you can easily move them any time you wish to rearrange the furniture. Many units are space friendly so you can rest assured that you can find a console that will not take up too much space in the room.

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