Electric Fireplace With Remote

Electric fireplaces run off of electricity and create the appearance of an actual gas-powered or wood-burning fire. These units can even produce the look of a fire flame without the heating device in operation. However, they can also produce heat at the user's discretion. The electric fireplace with remote has become a popular choice among Canadian consumers who want attractive and functional heating units. There are electric fireplace with remote controls available in a wide range of designs and styles to meet any shopper's preferences.

How an Electric Fireplace With Remote Works

An electric fireplace with remote control create the burning-flame look by utilizing mirrors, reflectors and lights. The light inside of the unit is meant to simulate the flickering caused by an actual fire while faux embers and logs reproduce the appearance of a wood-burning flame. A lot of electric fireplaces with remote controls can be adjusted in terms of glow and brightness by simply turning a dial or pressing a button.

In order to produce heat, the electric fireplace with remote contains electric-powered heating coils, much like a stove. The fan inside of the unit pushes the heat generate by the coils into the room. Most of the units on today's market heat up within minutes. These electric fireplaces are easy to use by simply plugging them into a typical electrical outlet. The unit's remote control can also adjust the heat that is generated.

A Word on Inserts

Manufacturers also make electric fireplace devices that are designed to fit in a pre-existing masonry fireplace. These devices are usually referred to as electric fireplace inserts. These inserts are put in a fireplace's front opening where firewood usually goes. And just like free-standing electric fireplaces, the user only needs an electrical outlet in order to use the insert. After the inset is installed, it will work in a similar fashion as its free-standing counterpart.

The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace With Remote Controls

There are numerous benefits to owning an electric fireplace, such as:

  • The ability to transport a free-standing unit anywhere throughout the house,
  • They provide a way to zone heat a room, which is more cost effective than central heating,
  • Extensive remodelling and installation is unnecessary,
  • The fact that electric fireplaces do not use fossil fuels or wood, which is great for the environment,
  • A lack of emissions and dangerous byproducts,
  • There is no ventilation system necessary for use,
  • And electric fireplaces can be controlled via a remote.

The Downsides of an Electric Fireplace With Remote Controls

Although the benefits are greater, there are a few downsides of electric fireplaces. Some of these cons include:

  • Having a higher price than regular electric space heaters. However, homeowners usually choose electric fireplaces due to their attractive qualities. Those who need to save money and only want a zone heater will come out cheaper with a space heater,
  • Paying slightly more in terms of electricity bills. But the cost is miniscule compared to natural gas and propane fireplaces.

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