Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

Electric fireplace wall mounted units are ideal for space-challenged rooms. These types of fireplaces look great and provide warmth without taking up valuable floor space. With all of the available style options on the market, you are sure to find one that suits the room's decor. Many consumers appreciate how simple their electric fireplace wall unit is to use: they just plug the unit into an electrical outlet and it starts working in minutes.

The Latest Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Developments

Those who prefer contemporary design may be interested in the elegant, sleek units that are made with stainless steel or black panels. Today's electric fireplace wall mounted heaters put out 4,500 BTUs and feature silent convection heat that allows for quiet enjoyment. Wall-mounted designs are installed between the wall studs in order to make these fixture permanent. With electric units, you simple push a button or flip a switch to produce heat and realistic flames. If you are interested in a more modern look, some models come equipped with LED back-lights that change colour patterns. Other units have interchangeable fuel beds that allow for the placement of shells or translucent rocks.

The Benefits of Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Units

First of all, electric fireplace wall mounted units can be installed on almost any wall in the home. These heating devices are relatively easy to mount and do not take up space that may be needed for other pieces of furniture. Because electric fireplaces are versatile, they can be used in not only residential homes but also hotel rooms, offices and restaurants. They are ideal for creating a warm environment that facilitates relaxation, unwinding and ambiance enjoyment.

Electric fireplace wall mounted devices are also budget-friendly. Because these units are so commonplace, manufacturers offer them at affordable prices. Even better, wall-mounted models cost less than floor-based ones because wall-mounted fireplaces are smaller in size. Some models are comparable in size to the average picture frame. In addition, electric fireplace wall mounted units do not cost much in terms of installation since a venting system is not necessary. All you have to do is set it up and plug it in. These units generate supplemental heat that is easier to control as opposed to gas-powered fireplaces, which require specialized, expensive labour for gas-line and venting-system installation.

Two other reasons that make electric fireplace wall mounted devices a great choice are their environmentally friendly and energy-efficient qualities. An electric fireplace wall mounted device can operate without emitting harmful pollutants. The cost to use an electric unit is approximately $0.03 CAD per hour when operating the flame and an average of $0.12 CAD each hour while running the heat. And if you want comfort on demand, an electric fireplace unit can provide it. Almost every model on the market offers the user a way to independently control the heat output and flame size. So feel free to enjoy your fireplace in any season with or without generating any heat output.

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