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In 1928, Walter W. Guy invented the first electric fireplace; however, no commercial companies ever manufactured this invention. But when Harold J. Webber created the flickering light controller in 1979, fireplace companies took notice. Thanks to Webber's idea, Dimplex produced the first electric fireplace device in 1988 under the Optiflame name.

Modern Electric Fireplaces

And when Berghoff and Hendrick invented a sound system duplicated the sound of crackling logs in 1994, modern electric fireplaces were born. According to electric fireplace reviews, electric units have many more benefits than standard, wood-burning fireplaces; electric fireplace reviews report that these units are gaining popularity with a quickness. The main advantages of electric-powered units are affordability, convenience and quality.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace reviews show that electric-powered fireplaces are great for single-family homes, apartments, condos and mobile homes. These units do not require any remodelling, just an electrical outlet. And if necessary, electric fireplaces can be moved throughout the house to provide instant zone heating to any room unlike traditional fireplaces.

In addition, the research done by electric fireplace reviews states that electric fireplaces are relatively inexpensive. Most models fall in the $150-$2,000 CAD price range, depending on the brand and features. There is no need to handle messy coal or wood to operate an electric fireplace unit. And a lot of models come equipped with built-in thermostats for temperature presetting; therefore, they will turn on and off automatically after reaching the desired temperature. Some of these fireplaces are controlled by a remote that changes the flame's brightness and height.

Electric fireplaces do not cost much money in terms of energy costs either. And they are able to instantly bring a certain ambiance to any space. As soon as the unit is assembled, a warm, inviting fire can be enjoyed without any masonry work needing to be done first. If the electric fireplace owner decides to move in the future, they can take their unit with them. For those who want to utilize electric power in their existing wood-burning fireplace, many manufacturers make inserts. These inserts provide heat without the byproducts from a wood-burning fire, such as ash and smoke.

The Downsides of Electric Fireplaces

Although electric fireplace reviews tout a lot of benefits to electric fireplace ownership, there are some downsides. Electric fireplace reviews warn potential buyers that these units are not designed to provide heat to large, open spaces or to replace central heating. And if a power outage occurs, electric fireplaces will not work because their sole power source is electricity.

If you want a heating device to use during a power outage or to replace your central heating system, you should take a look at gas stoves or traditional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces should be thought of as attractive space heaters. But when you compare the advantages to the disadvantages of electric fireplaces, the disadvantages are outnumbered. Whether you buy an electric unit for the purpose of heating or decorating, it will certainly enhance the atmosphere in your home.

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