Electric Fireplace Prices

The cost of today's electric fireplace prices widely vary. Budget-minded individuals may think they are limited to the choices and quality of units available to them. However, there are plenty of excellent heating devices at inexpensive prices. The following three units come at relatively cheap electric fireplace prices.

The Real Flame Heritage

The Real Flame Heritage comes at electric fireplace prices of $450 CAD and below. This electric fireplace has a classic, decorative look and includes a remote control and a screen kit. The only tool needed for setup is a screwdriver. This unit has a heat output of 4,700 BTUs per hour and plugs into any 120-volt electrical outlet. Real Flame offers a 90-day, limited-term warranty on their Heritage model.

The ClassicFlame Strasburg

The Strasburg by ClassicFlame is a petite-foyer, rolling fireplace. The electric fireplace prices of the Strasburg range from $400-$550 CAD depending on where the unit is purchased. This electric fireplace has a cherry finish, giving it an appeal that fits traditional and contemporary decor. It has small details and clean lines that are perfect for medium to large rooms. And of course, the Strasburg has wheels for easy transport. Even so, the wheels remain mostly hidden, which makes the unit appear to be built in. The ClassicFlame Strasburg is able to heat a large room with its 4,600 BTU-output per hour and 23-inch fire box. With its beautiful design, the Strasburg is well-suited for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms.

The ClassicFlame Lancaster in an Antique Oak Finish

ClassicFlame offers low electric fireplace prices once again with their Lancaster model in an "Antique Oak" finish. This petite-foyer design comes at electric fireplace prices that range from $400-$500 CAD. However, every once in a while the Lancaster can be found for under $400 CAD; this depends on where it is bought and if the vendor is having a sale. Even if you pay the average price, you are still getting an excellent value for the money.

The oak colour of the ClassicFlame Lancaster makes it ideal for traditional decor. This electric fireplace features an arched top panel that makes the unit look crisp and clean. The simplicity and elegance of the Lancaster is undeniable thanks to its three-sided molding. When placed in a room, the Lancaster creates just the right touch of detail to enhance the space without overwhelming the room.

Experts recommend that this electric fireplace be put in medium and large rooms. The wheels on the bottom make it easy to move. However, the wheels are highly noticeable so the Lancaster is not good an creating a built-in appearance. With its 4,600 BTUs per hour heating capacity, this ClassicFlame model can heat medium and large spaces with ease. The mantle space on this electric fireplace is also fantastic with its moderate, elegant detailing and the 23-inch fire box provides an incredible view of the simulate fire. When decorating, the Lancaster's mantle creates a dramatic effect. Users will also enjoy the ability to control their device with a remote.

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