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Today's manufacturers build a variety of electric fireplace media consoles that include a hearth area, pulsating flames, glowing embers, glass doors and pull screens. The unique combination of a space heater and a media centre is coming extremely popular. Many consumers enjoy being able to use them with their televisions and other entrainment components.

Easy Installation

Electric fireplace media centres are easy to install. It is unnecessary to hook the fireplace to the chimney or build a ventilation system because electric fireplace media centres do not emit carbon monoxide or other emissions. And since these units do not get hot to the touch, they are safe to use around pets, children and electronic equipment. The heat produced by an electric fireplace is circulated by a quiet fan.

Efficient Zone Heating

Modern electric fireplace media consoles are meant to efficiently provide zone heat. These units can create up to 4,700 BTUs an hour on average, providing warmth to an average-size room. Even better, the generated heat is much cheaper than a central heating system. Smart consumers know that the best way to save money on utility bills is by practicing zone heating instead of upgrading older central heating systems. It is a fact that electric heaters are leaders in efficient energy output.

Great for Home Decorating

Electric fireplace media centres are engineered to be functional and attractive heating devices. Virtually every type of decorating style is available on the market, such as contemporary and traditional. Consumers have many finishes from which to choose too, like warm wood tones, distressed surfaces and black lacquer. And for a customized fit, electric fireplaces come in vertical units, corner models and open-wall varieties, all of which have features like CD shelves and cabinet doors.

However, the flame of an electric fireplace is one of the most advanced technological advancements. These fireplaces create simulated wood-fire flames that look just the same as real flames. And this is done without making the mess and hazards that come along with traditional fireplaces. Today's manufacturers employ three-dimensional technology in order to instantly generate the effect of an actual fireplace in any type of dwelling.

And of course, electric fireplace media centres are great at providing warmth. Those with electric logs can be put into virtually any piece of furniture and plugged into an electrical outlet. Users get the heat they need without sacrificing the beauty that only fireplaces can bring. With an electric fireplace, converting furniture into a heating device is easy.

It is not uncommon for media centres to take over the space in a small room or to feel out of place in a formal area. But when fitted with an electric fireplace media console, the room will feel more large than it actually is. Plus, the flames will give the room a cozy yet elegant touch. Electric fireplaces are excellent ways to achieve zone heating. These supplemental heating devices allow people to stay warm and lower their energy bills. And now that manufacturers make inserts for media centres, homeowners can save space too.

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