Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are used to turn wood-burning and gas fireplaces into electric-powered units that can be remotely operated. There are two variations of electric fireplace inserts: four-sided boxes and log sets. Four-sided box inserts are also called stand-alone fireplaces; however, they can be installed inside of an entertainment centre or a cabinet. Electric log sets are meant for placement into a pre-existing fireplace.

Replacing Gas and Wood-Burning Units With Electric Fireplace Inserts

Each kind of insert plugs straight into any electrical outlet in the home. Every insert is manufactured already pre-wired in order to simplify the installation process. Consumers appreciate that electric fireplace inserts do not require gas fittings, exterior wall holes, roofing contractors or masonry work because electric inserts do not need ventilation.

Electric fireplace inserts are much more convenient that traditional fireplaces. The standard fireplaces found in most homes are messy and need to be regularly maintained to keep them working safely and efficiently. Chimneys also require routine cleanings. Although gas fireplaces make starting fires easier, they do release a significant amount of carbon monoxide. With an electric fireplace insert, the homeowner has an economical and a safe alternative to the expensive maintenance that comes with wood-burning and gas-powered fireplaces.

Simulating a Real Fire

Once a fireplace has been converted to electric power, it can be operational within minutes. Some electric inserts come equipped with resin logs that produce a realistic flickering flame. Also included is an ember bed that simulates the pulsating created when oxygen reacts with real wood embers. The majority of electric fireplaces generate a maximum of 9,200 BTUs, all without creating fumes that are typical with gas fireplaces or smells that are associated with wood-burning ones. People who suffer from respiratory problems, such as asthma, will benefit from the lack of smoke, odour, fumes and soot thanks to the no-combustion process by which electric fireplace inserts work.

In addition, electric inserts are able to be used throughout the year whether or not the homeowner chooses to use the heating function. These units are easy and safe to use and clean and cost the average person $0.03CAD per hour with no heat and $0.08 CAD cents per hour with heat. When compared to the $0.17-$0.24 CAD spent per hour by the average Canadian who uses a gas fireplace, the savings are substantial.

The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

Even if you do not have a pre-existing fireplace in your home, you can still enjoy the warmth and appearance of a fire. Four-sided electric fireplace inserts let you utilize existing furniture, such as entertainment centres and armoires. All you need to do is install an insert; the piece of furniture automatically becomes the room's focal point. And just like other furniture, your new fireplace can be moved and put anywhere that an electrical outlet is located. Most four-sided inserts create up to 5,000 BTUs by using an internal fan that blows heat throughout the room in which the unit is placed.

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