Electric Fireplace Heaters

Electric fireplace heaters are inexpensive devices that are easy to use and provide not only heat but also an elegant touch to any home. And unlike the carbon monoxide fumes, smoke and mess that comes with traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not produce any toxic byproducts. If you are in the market for an electric fireplace, prices run from $299-$2,300 CAD for fireplace/entertainment centre combinations. However, manufacturers make a number of quality, attractive units in the $450-$700 CAD price range.

Styles of Electric Fireplace Heaters

Besides the standard, flat-wall styles of electric fireplace heaters, some brands create corner fireplaces in order to utilize wasted wall space. High-price models may include extras like home entertainment centres, curio cabinets and book shelves. Most units have a mantle that is made from finished wood, tile inserts or even cast marble.

There are also electric fireplace inserts. These come equipped with controls, a blower and a log set. The average heat output ranges from 1,350-1,500 Watts depending on the particular model. This kind of wattage provides enough power to heat 14 square-metre room. Basic types of electric fireplace inserts cost about $200 CAD in a retail store. If you want additional features, it will cost more.

Sizes of Electric Fireplace Heaters

There are usually three standard sizes of electric fireplace heaters: 23 inches, 28 inches and 33 inches. These measurements describe the fireplace's front width. The larger the unit, the bigger the flame display and log set; the mantle will also correspond in terms of size. However, manufacturers offer various combinations of mantle and unit sizes in order to give customer's a customized look. These units are perfect for apartments, condominiums, small homes and RVs.

Construction Quality of Electric Fireplace Heaters

If you decide to purchase an electric fireplace on the Internet, keep in mind that you will have to make a decision based on a picture. Although it is usually easy to separate quality merchandise from junk, you are still taking the risk of making a bad choice. However, you can use the unit's weight as a quality factor. When comparing like models, electric fireplace heaters that weight at least 95 kilograms are built more soundly as opposed to those weighing approximately 55 kilograms.

Standard Features and Additions of Electric Fireplace Heaters

Almost every electric fireplace has a blower, mantle, log set and control system. And every brand and model is 100-percent portable and can be connected to the average 120-volt electrical outlet. Another great standard feature of electric fireplace heaters are their ability to produce flames with or without heat, allowing for year-round enjoyment. If you are interested in a deluxe model, you can find many with additional options such as premium trims, carved glowing logs, dimmer controls, thermostats and folding glass doors. But regardless of the fireplace you finally choose to purchase, always remember to read the entire product specs and description. This information will tell you every feature you will get for the money, and every feature you will not get.

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