Electric Fireplace Console

Although traditional fireplaces are lovely, the enjoyment they provide comes with hard work. The owner has to haul firewood, start the fire and keep the fire going. Plus, they have to wait until the fire is fully extinguished before they can leave the house or go to bed. While fireplaces that run on gas make starting a fire easier, there is still the risk of carbon monoxide emissions among other disadvantages. However, the electric fireplace console solves all of these problems. With an electric fireplace console, the homeowner can get the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace without the associated hassles.

Safety Features

With an electronic fireplace console, there is no need to worry about the problems associated with gas-powered and wood-burning units. Electric consoles distribute heat via a forced fan, which serves a dual purpose of keeping the unit's surface cool. In addition, there is no combustion process involved when an electric fireplace console produces heat and no errant embers to create a fire hazard. The only element missing from an electric fireplace is the lack of a wood-burning smell; however, those who suffer from allergies will find this to be a great relief.

Convenient Aspects

Consumers like how easy an electric fireplace console is to use. All they have to do is ignite the fire by pushing a button. Some models even come with a remote control. The simulated embers, flames and logs instantly "burn" and the warmth will begin radiating within minutes. There is little work involved in setting up one of these consoles besides plugging it into an electrical outlet. Those who wish to turn a piece of furniture into a permanent fire box can hire an experienced electrician to hard-wire the home. However, this is not necessary and should not be done if portability is a concern.

Energy Savings

Now that energy costs in Canada are at an all-time high, consumers are looking for ways to save money. An electric fireplace console can defray the cost of the user's home heating bills. These units create zone heating in a single room, allowing the homeowner to rely less on their expensive central heating system.

Most consoles are able to output 5,000 BTUs of power per hour through the use of a fan that circulates and pushes the heat throughout the room. The average cost to run this device is $0.03 CAD each hour without using the heater and about eight cents each hour when the heater is on. This means homeowners can save $0.08-$0.09 CAD per hour in comparison to a central heating system.

Converting Existing Furniture

In order to convert an existing piece of furniture into an electric fireplace console, all that is needed is an insert. The typical insert consists of an ember bed and log set that sits on a grate. These parts work with one another to provide the experience of realistic flames while using the pre-existing furniture as a console. Each insert comes equipped with wiring and a plug for easy set-up.

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