Electric Fireplace Canada

Electric fireplace Canada brands and models are the latest trend in home heating; these units are quickly replacing the peat, coal and wood-burning fireplaces of yesteryear. They are less expensive to use and provide a seemingly real fire all year long. Electric fireplace Canada models have mantels made with solid wood in cherry, mahogany, maple and oak finishes. These fireplaces plug into any electrical outlet and can easily be moved throughout the house.

The Advantages to Electric Fireplace Canada Model Ownership

If safety and saving money are your two top priorities, you can get the most out of an electric fireplace Canada brand and model. These units have numerous advantages over gas-powered, fire-burning and other types of fireplaces. Electric fireplaces provide warm heat, aesthetically appealing looks and incomparable convenience. Because electric fireplace Canada models do not have hot surfaces, they are safe to use around small children and animals.

In terms of saving money, there is little cost to installing an electric fireplace. All you need is a regular electrical outlet. And for only a few cents, you can enjoy realistic flames and sufficient zone heating that ranges from 4,500-5,000 BTUs, which is perfect for a 40 square-metre space. Thanks to the technology integrated in today's electric fireplace Canada models, users can enjoy mesmerizing flames and warming heat at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other heating methods. Dancing fires can be achieved through electric fireplaces, inserts and hearth stoves no matter the season of the year.

Retrofitting Electric Fireplace Canada Inserts

Electric fireplace inserts are able to be retrofitted in order to be placed into wood-burning units. Normally, doing a retrofit does not necessitate the use of decorative accessories, glass doors or screens. Retrofitted inserts have an enclosed combustion chamber complete with a glass front and ceramic logs. If you decide to go this route, you will need to install a liner that attaches to the unit and goes up to the chimney top; this will provide ventilation. You will find that electric fireplace Canada inserts have the same safety features and convenience as stand-alone electric fireplaces. And of course, all of these appliances must meet Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations and display the energy consumption on an EnerGuide label.

Accessories for Electric Fireplace Canada Models

There many different accessories made for electric fireplace Canada models. Manufacturers produce fire logs, andirons, log boxes and grates for the interior fire pit; these accessories are designed to hold the fuel and speed up the burning process. There are also products meant for the exterior and maintenance of these fireplaces, such as tool stands, shovels, pokers, tongs, brushes and bellows. However, one of the most important products is the fire back. The purpose of a fire back is to protect the back wall of the fireplace and raise the efficiency of the actual fire by 50 percent. Thanks to these fire backs, the cast iron plates will radiate more heat into the space, especially fire backs that are thick.

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