Dimplex Electric Fireplace

In 1991, Dimplex made its way into the North American marketplace when they purchased Chromalox, Electromode, Sentinel and Westcan. And in 1995, Dimplex was the first to introduce electric-flame technology to the public. All Dimplex products for consumers are sold under the Dimplex name while builder products are sold under OptiFlame. Today, Dimplex's corporate headquarters are located in Cambridge, Ontario; however, they have distribution centres throughout the North American region.

What Makes Dimplex a Top Brand

While electric heating units are not a new invention, there are countless brands and models from which to choose so consumers tend to view finding the right electric fireplace a difficult task. Even though there are plenty of options, Dimplex electric fireplace units are regarded as the best money can buy. Dimplex has a long history of designing and producing some of the world's most innovative and highest quality electric fireplaces. And in Canada, as well as other areas of North America, Dimplex is an industry leader. This company manufactures a wide array of electric fireplaces for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, all of which are offered at a reasonable cost.

Options and Technologies

There are many reasons consumers choose Dimplex electric fireplace units over other brands. First of all, this company is known for creating state-of-the-art, contemporary electric fireplaces. All of their products utilize exclusive technologies that instantly turn the average living space into a warm, inviting area. The ambiance in addition to the 3D effects used to create realistic burning flames make any Dimplex electric fireplace a great buy.

Besides creating realistic visual and audio effects, the Dimplex electric fireplace does not require combustion to operate. Because of the lack of combustion, these fireplaces do not emit greenhouse gases. Another benefit to Dimplex electric units is their energy efficiency. In general, these fireplaces use 85 percent less energy in comparison to gas-powered brands and models. Dimplex also equips their fireplaces with Purifire air treatments that better the indoor air quality in any room where a unit is located. Thanks to all of these advantages, the Dimplex electric fireplace is a perfect solution to zone heating.

Dimplex builds electric fireplaces to suit every consumer's need. There are many options available, such as built-ins, inserts, plug-ins, stove-specifics and wall-mounted units. Every single fireplace features the style and quality that this company has formed its reputation around. And since each unit is powered by electricity, consumers do not need to deal with the aggravation of burning wood or the cost of using gas.

Customer Service and Warranties

If you decide to purchase a Dimplex electric fireplace, you will be buying much more than a home heating unit. All Dimplex customers are provided with exceptional in-home service calls to make sure each unit is running satisfactory. Dimplex also eases the mind of consumers by offering long warranty periods. The typical Dimplex electric fireplace warranty lasts anywhere from 2-10 years; it depends on the particular model. Regardless of the model you choose, you will get an electric fireplace that is built to last.

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