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Fireplaces are attractive, functional heating devices; however, not all homes in Canada are built with a masonry fireplace. This means the homeowner must install a fireplace if they want one. There are gel-fuel, gas, wood-burning and electric options on today's market. However, the electric versions seem to be the most popular masonry fireplace alternative because installation is not complicated. If you have a small house, the corner electric fireplace is an excellent choice because it takes up little floor space.

Where to Fit a Corner Electric Fireplace

A corner electric fireplace is made to be placed against a right angle of a wall, which is many times an unused space. The walls of smaller homes tend to be lined with large pieces of furniture and various electronic equipment that takes up room for installing a fireplace. For a situation such as this, a corner electric fireplace is ideal. This type of unit will take up the unused corner and will not extend very far into the centre of the room.

If you have a particular corner in mind but there are windows on either side, you can still use a corner electric fireplace. However, the fireplace's dimensions will need to fit within the two windows. Thankfully, manufacturers build units in a wide array of sizes so it should be easy to find a model that fits into the corner.

Measurements and BTUs

Even if there are no windows near the specified area for a corner electric fireplace, you still need to consider the height, length and width of the wall space. These measurements should be compared to the unit's dimensions. But if there are windows nearby, pay close attention to the fireplace's side length. If you live in a townhouse or an apartment above the ground floor, reinforced flooring may be an issue. So check the unit's weight.

These fireplaces are available in various power outputs, or BTUs. The fireplace's BTUs will dictate the amount of heat it can generate. Most manufacturers will print the BTUs and corresponding room size the fireplace can heat on the packaging. If not, you can always contact the manufacturer directly or ask the sales vendor.

Many Different Options

Corner electric fireplaces are made in a wide array of colours and styles just like flat wall fireplaces. Some of the most common fireplace finishes include cherry, mahogany and oak. They also usually have various trim styles that run along the log insert. And of course, operational glass doors or fixed glass is placed on the front of a corner electric fireplace. High-end models have a wall control or remote that allows the user to adjust the temperature and flame.

Even though a corner electric fireplace is not right for every home, it is a great idea when wall space is limited. Remember, always keep in mind the colour, style and dimensions of a unit. Try to find a fireplace that can be controlled via a remote. Most often, these electric fireplaces are easy to assemble and showcase realistic fire effects.

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