Classic Flame Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces not only provide heat to a room but also appeal to the space. Anyone who owns a fireplace can attest to the fact no matter how the fireplace is powered, the beauty is unmatched. There are many attractive fireplaces on the market; however, the Classic Flame electric fireplace is one of the best money can buy.

The Classic Flame Brand

When it comes to producing top-quality electric fireplaces, Classic Flame is the industry leader. This company is known for manufacturing a variety of stylish, elegant fireplaces. These units are ventless, portable and installation-free. They can also be transported easily and quickly from room to room because they only need an electrical outlet in order to work.

Although the Classic Flame electric fireplace operates on electricity, it looks like a real, wood-burning fireplace. Classic Flame's have a heating device for generating warmth as well as logs and an ember bed for creating a glowing fire. If you so choose, the Classic Flame electric fireplace can also be used without the heater on, allowing you to simply enjoy the simulated glow. To further customize the fire's appearance, you can control the brightness of the flame.

Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Options

There are two main styles of Classic Flame fireplaces: those that are meant to fit against a flat wall and other that are designed to nestle in the corner of a room. Both types of units showcase gorgeous designs that range from a traditional mantle with space for a wall-mounted television to a high-end designer piece complete with drawers and wood carvings. There are even some models that come equipped with a remote control for convenient temperature settings. In addition, Classic Flame's come in a wide variety of finishes in order to blend in with a room's decor. Some of the most common finishes include antique walnut, antique white, burnished walnut, cherry, ivory, espresso, ivory, oak, white and walnut.

Specific Features of Classic Flame Fireplaces

No matter what model of Classic Flame electric fireplace you choose, they are great for placement in a kitchen, dining room, living area or bedroom. Every unit is virtually maintenance-free; the only task you will need to complete is periodically cleaning the glass doors and heating unit. There are many features you can control on one of these fireplaces, such as the audio simulations, 3D visual hologram flame, two-speed blower, distributing fan and temperature.

There are plenty of deluxe features that owner cannot help but enjoy, like CD players, planters, designer mantles, dimmer switches, down lights, folding glass doors, air filtration, ember beds and animated log sets. Every Classic Flame electric fireplace is built to comfortably heat a particular space thanks to its ability to work alongside a standard central heating system. Before you buy a Classic Flame electric heater, you will need to take measurements of the space where it will be placed. Of course, there must be an electrical outlet nearby. You will soon realize that running an electric fireplace is inexpensive, enjoyable and convenient.

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