Black Electric Fireplace

A black electric fireplace can take a lifeless living room and give it a modern, sophisticated appeal. This type of fireplace unit is a low-cost option for almost any room regardless of its size or whether one resides in an apartment, loft or residential home. There is an endless number of black electric fireplace models that include selections such as electric log inserts, mantel packages, wall-mounted brackets and corner units.

The Sophistication and Space-Saving Qualities of the Black Electric Fireplace

There are many great aspects of black electric fireplace units; however, the top two qualities have to be the way they save money and space. Those who own one of these units will enjoy an operational cost of $0.03 CAD per hour and a heating cost up to $0.12 CAD per hour. Electric fireplaces in this colour are sharp and stunning. And because they provide zone heating in the room where they are used, the homeowner can save plenty of money on heating costs. Most units generate 5,000 BTUs an hour and utilize a quiet blower or fan to circulate the heat.

Contemporary Black Electric Fireplaces and Their State-of-the-Art Technology

Just like digital picture frames and televisions, electric fireplaces employ state-of-the-art technology. A black electric fireplace enhances a contemporary decor scheme, saves floor space and offers a unique fireplace experience. Those who embrace technology will like the fact that these fireplaces have the latest technological advancements. If fitting the unit in with the current decor is the main concern, rest assured that there are units in finishes such as black lacquer, black stone and black stainless steel. And although black fireplaces are anything but traditional, they still have the same ambiance as standard masonry fireplaces. This quality creates the illusion of a wood-burning fire without the fuss and muss.

Black Electric Fireplaces Are Designed for Today's Lifestyle

Professional interior designers understand that contemporary homes demand beautiful decor that makes life easier to live. A wall-mounted black electric fireplace accomplishes this goal. Models that are meant to be mounted to the wall do not need gas lines, ventilation systems, chimneys or masonry work. A lot of today's electric fireplace models are as simple to install as hanging a picture on the wall and plugging an appliance into an electrical outlet. There are also units that need to be set inside of a wall; these units require the owner to hard-wire the home. Either way, both types of fireplaces provide warm, realistic fire flames.

When there is little space with which to work and the homeowner wants to add a modern flair to the room, wall-mounted black electric fireplaces are the best choice. Besides the standard wall-mount, there are other variations such as built-ins and corner walls. In addition, the wall-mounted black electric fireplace adds a distinctive focal point to the space. Homeowners appreciate the fact that wall-mounted models do not take up any floor space and utilize only the best technology in the electrical-appliance industry while still maintaining a comfortable, warm ambiance.

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