Bionaire Electric Fireplace

Even though traditional masonry fireplaces look great in any home, they are not always an option. Therefore, a suitable substitute for the lack of a fireplace is the electric fireplace unit. These heating devices require less maintenance than masonry fireplaces but look just as good.

Many Options on the Market

There are a lot of electric fireplace manufacturers, all of which produce a variety of models. So no matter what kind of style you want, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Electric fireplaces are convenient because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Also, these devices can be used throughout the house without connecting to an existing chimney or installing a ventilation system. This makes the electric fireplace an ideal heating solution if you happen to live in a condominium or an apartment.

Depending on your budget, you can purchase a unit with a built-in mantel, wine cooler or media storage. And if you want to heat multiple rooms with one fireplace, electric models are easy to move from room to room. The frame of a standard fire box is usually black because that colour contrasts well with the colours of the fire. Plus, black matches the decor scheme of almost any room. If you are looking for an inexpensive, stylish model, take a look at the Bionaire electric fireplace.

The Bionaire Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace made under the Bionaire, a subsidiary of the Jarden Corporation, is versatile and powerful. The Bionare electric fireplace is also compact, measuring 31 inches by 24 inches. Owners of a Bionare electric fireplace can either mount the unit on the wall or allow it to sit on the floor depending on their needs.

Some convenient features of Bionaire electric fireplace units are their thermostats, programmable digital displays, remote controls and 12-hour timers. And when compared to full-sized fireplace mantles, the Bionare electric fireplace's 1,500-watt heater generates an equal amount of heat. Very few customers complain about the Bionaire's heat output, which is amazing given the Bionaire electric fireplace unit's small size.

In order to provide the realistic effect that is stated in the product description, this fireplace has glowing embers and fire logs. Some owners have said that this effect simply creates "a wavy background." The Bionaire also produces the crackling sounds heard from a wood-burning fire. However, a lot of people found the sound to be "annoying." But this feature is common in almost all of today's electric fireplaces. Even so, consumer complaints have resulted in some companies discontinuing the feature.

If the noise is bothersome, the user has the option of turning down or off the sound. Unfortunately, it is impossible to gauge how this effect sounds without hearing it in person. And of course, the Bionaire electric fireplace does not neglect safety. It has an automatic shut-off feature in the event the unit becomes tipped. With a price tag of about $200 CAD, this fireplace provides the basic features found in all other fireplaces except the Bionare can be hung on the wall.

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