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Traditional masonry fireplaces are known for being messy and inconvenient. Owners of such a fireplace must constantly clean it, maintain it and make sure the fireplace is sealed from drafts. However, electric fireplaces have very little maintenance costs and provide zone heating to average-size living rooms and small areas. If you are interested in purchasing a supplemental heating device to reduce your utility bills, you should consider buying the best electric fireplace your budget will allow.

Evaluating the Space

Electric fireplace units come in a wide range of styles and sizes. In order to figure out the best electric fireplace for your home, you will need to measure the area where you plan to put the unit. It is advised not to put the fireplace near door or window. And of course, keep in mind furniture and decorative pieces that may need to be rearranged.

Considering Your Heating Needs

Regardless if you buy the most expensive unit on the market, even the best electric fireplace cannot heat an exceedingly large, open space. However, the best electric fireplace can warm a den, home office, bedroom and small living room. So if you want to heat a large living space, a room with high, vaulted ceilings or your entire house, even the best electric fireplace is not for you. Remember, you will also need to decide how many BTUs you want the unit to put out. When comparing products, keep in mind that the typical electric fireplace will heat 1.5 cubic metres of space per 1,000 BTUs.

Finding the Right Style

The best electric fireplace for your house could be a corner model, wall-mounted unit or free-standing fireplace. If your tastes run along contemporary lines, pit styles are a good choice. Most free-standing electric fireplace look like traditional fireplaces. These units typically have a mantle and trim and come in many different materials with wood being the most common.

Corner fireplaces are another excellent choice, especially for small or crowded areas. These units fit snugly into any corner and take up less floor space than free-standing units. In the event that floor space is extremely limited, or you are going for a modern look, wall-mounted fireplaces are the better choice. Finally, the pit style electric fireplaces look fantastic. However, they can be dangerous to use around pets and children because the flames are not enclosed by a fire box.

Knowing the Limitations

One of the most important aspects of choosing the best electric fireplace for the home is knowing the unit's limitations. Although electric fireplaces are wonderful for ambiance and supplemental heat, they are not designed to replace a central heating system. But using an electric fireplace in conjunction with a central heater, you can dramatically reduce your heating bills; while running a unit, the central heater thermostat can be lowered. Remember, the best electric fireplace is not meant to heat the whole house so you will still need to utilize other heating sources. Lastly, it should never be in use when the house is empty.

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