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Before electricity became commonplace, the only option people had for heating their homes was wood-burning fireplaces. Eventually, gas fireplaces became popular due to their cheap maintenance costs. However, the public caught onto another cheaper, easy maintainable fireplace: the electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is built to emulate the flames created by the traditional, wood-burning fireplace. However, an electric fireplace does not burn any type of material to generate heat but makes the illusion of burning wood with visual and audio effects. Anywhere there is electricity access, electric fireplaces can be installed. This article details many of the advantages to electric fireplace ownership.

Easy Installation

In comparison to standard, wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are simple to install. Most of the models you see in the stores take an hour to install from start to finish. Another great aspect of electric fireplaces is that they do not require extra floor space since most units are wall mounted. There are even some types that are meant to be placed where the existing fireplace lies. Also, there are kits for electric fireplaces that include installation instructions. Regardless of what type you buy, you will need glass cleaner, a screwdriver and other basic tools.


When put next to gas-powered and wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces use less precious environmental resources. An electric fireplace does not release fumes or extra carbon dioxide because its sole source of power is electricity. Even so, electric varieties are not completely carbon neutral; the electricity used to generate heat is sent from power grids that are responsible for emitting greenhouse gases. But overall, electric fireplaces are more eco-friendly than their gas and wood-burning counterparts.

Simplistic Convenience

One major inconvenience of wood-burning fireplaces is that users must extinguish the fire before they leave their house or go to bed. However, electric fireplaces solve this problem because they operate via remote control and come equipped with integrated temperature gauges. Electric units will shut down when the pre-set temperature is reached. There are other kinds of electric fireplace models that utilize fans and air-filtration systems, allowing the even distribution of heat within the room.

In addition, owners can use their fireplace's aesthetic function without producing heat. This feature is ideal for warm-weather days when fireplaces tend to go unused. Users will be able to disengage the fireplace's heating element and turn on the unit's simulated fire flames in order to provide the room with a soothing ambiance and glow.

Stylish and Versatile

Two more reasons the electric fireplace is considered superior to a gas or a wood-burning one is its stylish and versatile qualities. Besides being able to recreate the look of a fire without an actual fire, the flames can be changed in order to suit the homeowner's taste. Those who prefer modern decor can choose the colour and speed of the flames. This ability is key for anyone who wishes to integrate the appearance of the real flames only a wood-burning or gas fireplace can create while enjoying the benefits of an electric fireplace.

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